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Construction Management Services

Construction Management is a fee-based service in which the Construction Manager is responsible exclusively to the Owner and acts in the Owner’s interest at every stage of the Project.

The following Scope of Work and Benefits are provided by Pacifica Commercial Realty’s Construction Management Team:

Pacifica Commercial Realty’s Construction Management Team makes recommendations, uncolored by conflicting interest. We advise our clients on matters such as:

  • Optimal use of available funds
  • Controlling Scope of Work
  • Project Scheduling
  • Optimal use of Design/Construction Firms’ skills and talents
  • Avoidance of delays, changes, arbitration and disputes
  • Enhancing Project Design and Construction quality
  • Flexibility in Contract Procurement
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Enforcing Safety Requirements

These recommendations are broken down further, supported by the comprehensive list of services we offer.  Our Construction Management Services can:

  • Assist Owner with predetermined Budget by performing Value Engineering, Cost/Benefit Analysis and “Best Value Comparisons”.
  • Determine Scope of Work for bidding process to receive multiple bids from subcontractors.
  • Provide Time Management to obtain the most efficient scheduling of subcontractors with least amount of disruption to existing business.
  • Create Critical Path Schedule for Subcontractors to follow with the most efficient path from start of project through completion (including all pick up work).
  • Assist in Color Design/Mock-Ups and Selection of Materials.
  • Mitigate delays by incorporating lead times for products.
  • Limit change orders by including allowances in budget for unseen items that may occur.
  • Arbitrate disputes between subcontractors concerning responsibilities to contract.
  • Inspecting and reviewing completed work as well as work-in-progress.
  • Ensuring compliance with Construction Standards and Manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Let Contracts to ‘Best Price’ and qualified Subcontractors to perform work.
  • Provide Cash Flow Management (including Fund Control).
  • Ensure compliance with Insurance requirements.
  • Post & Record Lien Releases and Notices of Non-Responsibility (prior to payment for completed work).
  • Inspect, recommend and enforce OSHA Safety Standards compliance.

Our Construction Management Services are offered either with a General Contractor or without a General Contractor. Fees are structured according to services required/requested.  Pacifica Commercial Realty’s Construction Management Team can do the ‘heavy-lifting’ for you!